Mauro Silva


My name is Mauro Silva and I was born in Stockholm but have relatives all over the world.

Exercising and martial arts are my life and has always been there since childhood.

I started with Martial arts when I were 10 yrs. old and has also been involved in gymnastics and other sports but martial arts captured my heart.


I have traveled a lot during my life and gained extensive knowledge and experienced cultures and learned much about life thanks to martial arts and my knowledge from my martial arts school in China where I learned from the essence of Kung Fu. (The way they teach their students is completely different from the way they teach their students in Sweden).


Why martial arts were the right thing to do?


Martial art helped me to manage my life and guided me through all tough situations in life.

Martial arts are a big part of life and the martial art is a part of me.



Why I teach?


There’s a superior purpose for everything.  My purpose is not just to make you stronger, help you get a leaner body or teach you how to fight because it’s fun, I want to help you control your life and control various problems in life, such as anger.

I want to guide people to find balance in life.

It’s common that people have difficulties with anger management which makes it harder to control their lives.



How do I teach ?


My teaching is unique and different from others which have been shown to provide quick results when it comes to my clients. My teaching is intense both physically and mentally, which causes people to develop as individuals and thus may be of benefit to the rest of their lives.




Be your best you through my tough training!



Effects clients got from me:


Improved self-confidence


Maintaining a good weight


Increased ability to concentrate


Good physics






Good performance


Extremely good coordination skills





My goals:


The goal is to help and instruct as many as possible and teach martial arts to those who are committed and have the will to develop in every way.  My goal  is to open schools  in other countries too.



Previous experiences:


Previously I had self-defense groups for girls, which I then expanded with classes in Kungfu.


Today I have classes in Kung fu, Boxing, FCC, Self Defense for Girls, etc.


I also work as a Stuntman, Fight Choreographer in film and advertising and I also have clients which I help with personal training and nutrition advices.





Boxing instructor

Kungfu instructor

Gymnastic instructor

Self-defense instructor

Swim instructor

Education in China

Personal training and dietary services




Welcome to Sweden's first Extreme martial arts school, the school where students get results in no time!



/ Mauro








At work
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Tv set
Class - Sweden
Backstage taking pictures
To my class
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In Malaga
Nice view Malaga - Spain
Beautiful view
We train at the rooftop.
Big rooftop
The goal




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